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HAVE YOURSELF A PODSAFE CHRISTMAS: First carol of its kind brings together 32 singers from around the world to benefit UNICEF

New York, NY, December 2005: Yes, Virginia, there is something different in the increasingly commercial ranks of holiday music: "If Every Day Were Christmas" is the result of a unique collaboration between 32 singers from nine countries, all brought together by the populist phenomenon of podcasting and the desire to pool their talents for a worthy cause - and few causes make more sense at Christmastime than UNICEF, which aids children in need around the world.
The project was conceived of by podcasting pioneer (and former MTV VJ) Adam Curry. Curry first heard "If Every Day Were Christmas" in late October 2005 and immediately sensed its potential for a "We Are the World"-style benefit recording. But instead of featuring the likes of Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie, this recording would feature artists like Brother Love and The Lascivious Biddies, leading names in the Podsafe Music Network. Podsafe music is free of the licensing restrictions typical of major-label productions and thus safe for use on podcasts, which are the booming Internet audio equivalent of blogs.
The rest of this musical Christmas miracle unfolded almost entirely over the Internet. From his home base in Guildford, England, Curry talked about his vision for the song on his popular podcast, the Daily Source Code. His words reached Slau, the New York-based musician who co-wrote "If Every Day Were Christmas" with Orlando Pagan, a member of the Dance Theatre of Harlem. Slau, who is a recording engineer as well as a singer/songwriter, agreed to take on the daunting task of contacting musicians around the world, collecting their performances of the song via emails and downloads, and weaving their voices together into the finished version by early December - a timeframe that would have been impossible for the slower-moving mainstream music industry to achieve.
"If Every Day Were Christmas" - by a group collectively known as Podsafe for Peace - can be heard and purchased by visiting Proceeds from sales of this recording will go to UNICEF. Story possibilities related to "If Every Day Were Christmas" include:
  • An interview with Adam Curry on the current and future states of podcasting and podsafe music
  • A profile of Slau, the New York-based singer/songwriter/engineer who co-wrote and produced the song - and who happens to be blind
  • A profile of some of the musicians involved in the project
  • The story of how a recording involving over 30 musicians from around the world was put together almost entirely over the Internet.
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